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Immersive Virtual Reality for Architecture


About us

Uviquo is a multidisciplinary team of professionals in architecture, 3D design, audiovisual and new technologies.

We have been developing content for Virtual Reality since the appearance of the first HMD prototypes.

Our architectural training and experience in different fields allow us to speak the same language as our clients, making the workflow easier.

In our team, in addition to architects we have developers of Virtual Reality, experienced artists in development of graphics assisted by computer and professionals of the audiovisual sector.

What we do

We develop Immersive and Interactive Simulations in Virtual Reality. From the documentation and the designs provided by the client we create the 3d scenarios and the programming of the situations that require them to be simulated within them.

We use the technology developed for years by the video game industry to take advantage of its features, such as: interactivity with the scenario, realistic physics, artificial intelligence, climatology and lighting in real time...

Our client gets a virtual scenario where things happen as they would in real life.

For whom

Our work is focused to Architecture Firms and companies of the Real Estate and Construction Sector.

We accompany them from the design stage, making it easier for them to explain their projects to their clients.

Our simulations allow anyone to understand any type of architecture, regardless of their ability to spatial vision. Even those people who have difficulty imagining spaces where they have not been or objects they have not manipulated will now do so without problems.

Our Solution

We create an interactive and immersive experience in Virtual Reality, customized for each client and that the end-user understands intuitively.